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Long Weekend or Long Hours?

Ed Gonzalez • August 29, 2014

For some, Labor Day means having tons of fun during a long weekend. For others, it means another day on the job having to work long hours.

Here’s to them.

Let’s not forget why Labor Day exists –  to pay tribute to American workers, especially those who continue to toil away at work day after day, no matter what.

The economic vitality of the country, our state and our great city depends upon the quality and dedication of our workforce. The most important thing we can do is to remain mindful of that fact – especially this coming Monday.



#IceBucketChallenge Mayor Pro-Tem Ed Gonzalez

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  • MT @CoryBooker: Pres Grover Cleveland declared Labor Day a national holiday in 1894, the occasion was first observed on Sept 5, 1882, in NYC


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