• Plan Houston!

    Houston Planning Commission will host four public meetings where citizens can provide input on priorities for achieving the City’s vision and goals.

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  • District Make!

    District H is home to some of the most creative folks in our city, so were coining a new nickname for the District: 'District Make'!

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    District Make
  • Historic visit to Houston

    Houston's ties with China continue to grow.Vice Premier Liu Yandong, highest ranking female leader in China, recently visited our city.

    China Visit
  • Eye on Hurricanes

    Let's ensure that we are all prepared for whatever weather we may face this Hurricane Season.

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District H Projects


Help Us, Help You Teach Your Child About Gun Safety

City of Houston • July 1, 2015

The Houston Police Department wants to remind everyone that firearms safety is a responsibility we must all share, especially with regards to our children.

With children out of school and spending more time at home, there is more of an opportunity for something tragic to happen if someone owns a weapon and it is not properly secured.   Continue Reading »


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